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We are 'S KITCHEN'


The essential gap between the busy work schedule and healthy wholesome food is the main factor behind the lifestyle distortion in the modern world. Due to lengthy work hours and time constraints, cooking healthy food at home is increasingly becoming impossible in the present day households. With motto of essentially and ideally bridging this gap that the S KITCHEN took its first breath. At S KITCHEN, we constantly Endeavour to provide nutritious and wholesome food and that too at your convenient location. If you can't cook at home, Restaurants and Junk Foods are not your only options.

At S KITCHEN, our meal plans are devised keeping in mind, the daily nutritional requirement of an individual as per the recommended daily allowance of World Health Organisation. Our CEO, Mr. SHREERAM G MUTHIAH, along with a strong team of experienced and qualified chefs design the menu and decide upon the recipes with keen eye on the nutritive value, calorie count, changing seasons, visual appeal and of course the taste factor of the food.

We take special care while cooking to minimize nutrition-loss of the food and also to ensure that they remain fresh irrespective of the time you are consuming it, we prefer cooking in batches throughout the day. All our food are hygienically packed in food-grade disposable containers such that each time you open a box of fresh and healthy treat. We deliver meals through concierge services.

We also take care to keep our kitchen germ-free with regular wash and pest control activities. Only those food prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked in a hygiene condition is considered as healthy one.

Extending our service a step further with an attempt to provide all-round food related solutions to our clients around Chennai and Adjoining areas, S KITCHEN now provides services of Corporate Catering and Event Catering.

Keeping in mind the varied food requirements of our huge customer base, our meals are configured as:

Balanced Meal Plans

This plan has been designed keeping in mind the importance of balanced and optimum nutrition is our regular diet. Each and every dish is prepared with much care so as to ensure its nutritive value and at the same time keeping it simple with lesser oil and spices.
This meal plan is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
Per meal box of the Balanced Meal Plan provides calorie ranging between 650—750 Kcal and is ideal for regular intake by the office goers, students, at-home parents, and/or working individuals. Meals are available both for lunch and dinner. This meal plan can be subscribed for five or six days a week with a minimum subscription period of 5 trial days.

Zero Oil Meal Plans

This plan has been specifically designed for the fitness enthusiasts and people who are suffering from lifestyle disorders. The dishes in this meal plan are specially prepared to ensure no or negligible oil and the entire food is prepared either by steaming, or air-frying, or thorough roasting/baking. The uniqueness of this meal plan is that it allows the customers on restricted diet to enjoy the regular menus without fearing for their health.
Per meal box of the Low Calorie Meal Plan provides 350 – 550 Kcal and are available both for lunch and dinner. Meals are available in two variants, Indian and Continental, and in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The meal plan can be subscribed for five or six days a week with a minimum subscription period of 5 trial days.